Camp-outs are one of the major events each year and are broken into both summer and winter camp-outs. Since the time of our first camp-out, almost the entire membership has attended. A lot of planning and organization must go into a camp-out. So we ask that all rosters, deposits and final payments be made on time to ensure your reservation.

Summer Camp-outs
Pleasant Hill Lake
Clay's Park

Summer camp-outs are held in July and August at a primitive (tent) group site camping area at one of the area parks, with campsites established by tribes around a common meeting area.  Pleasant Hill Lake Park which is located by Mohican State Park near Loudonville is the most preferred location. Members of the different tribes begin arriving on Friday night. All tribes are urged to camp together, since this will help in organizing the day’s activities, and it offers the opportunity for members of a tribe to share in this experience together. Games, scavenger hunt, swimming, jet skis, tubing, canoeing and fishing are the most popular activities available. On Saturday night, centered around a large bonfire, there is a Longhouse ceremony where awards are presented and leadership is recognized. There are also tribal skits and songs, and sometime “surprise” entertainment. On Sunday morning there is an optional worship service and then more activities. Each tribe is responsible for bringing and preparing their groups food, drinks and snacks. The hosting tribe circulates a list of items and camping equipment to consider bringing. 

Winter Camp-outs
Camp Fitch
State Parks 

The winter camp-outs are held in January, February, and March, this offer the choice of attending several different camps. Heated cabins are assigned to tribes, the meals are prepared and offered by camp personnel. Just as with the summer camp-outs, Members of tribes begin arriving on Friday night. The activities will vary depending on the location and weather, but sled riding, horseback riding, archery, supervised bb guns or .22 long rifles, scavenger hunt, crafts and games are common pastimes. After the Saturday evening meal, all tribes gather together for skits, songs and awards. On Sunday morning, there is an optional worship service, and more time for more fun events before cleanup and checkout.  

Fall Camp-outs
The Longhouse is beginning to schedule and host fall camp-outs based on popular demand. At least currently, fall camp-outs will be held in one of the camps and one of them will be a family event.  To date Medina Guides have scheduled events at both the Buffalo Naval Park and at The Wilds.  While at the Buffalo Naval Park, which is in Buffalo, New York, the kids and dads are able to sleep aboard a retired US Navy battleship where they learn about life in the Navy first hand.  The Wilds, located in Rich Hill, OH, is an exotic animal sanctuary.  While at The Wilds, the campers are offered a personal tour guide through the nearly 10,000 acre park where they learn about different animal species and their habitats.  Unlike the winter and summer camp-outs (which are two night events), these camp-outs are just overnight. 

Roller Skating Party 

Once a year, a volunteering tribe sponsors a roller skating party for all Longhouse members and their families. The location is arranged well in advance of the event in order to obtain special admission rates. This admission is payable at the door. You can bring your own skates (even inline) or skates can be rented. Along with the skating activities, video games and a snack can bar are available. It’s a great way to spend an evening with your children and participate in an event that children and adults can enjoy. Beginners welcome. 

Swim Party 

When winter hits, snow is on the ground and we are all feeling a little lazy, kids look forward to the swim party (December or January). The event takes place in a large indoor pool that offers other activities like game tables, video games and a party room. The hosting tribe will provide snacks and other refreshments. In the past, this event has been held at the Steiner Youth Center in Wadsworth as well as the Medina Community Recreation Center in Medina. The swim party is a family event. Come and enjoy a hint of summer on a cold winter night. 

Guides and Princesses Night 

Cleveland Indians, Akron Aeros, & Cleveland Cavaliers, It is great to have heroes! Watching the “big leaguers” always makes us play harder and better. Generally, these are family events with discounted ticket prices. Sometimes the Braves & Princesses even get to wear tribal t-shirts or vests and parade on the field before the game or at half time. 

Bowling Party

Young, old and all those in between enjoy “knock ‘em down.” The location sometimes varies, but the fun enthusiasm and fun are always present. This can be held as a family or a tribe only event. Either way, competition is keen between tribes and Fathers and Guides/Princesses. Discounted group rates are usually available, as well as shoe rental.  The bowling party will usually include pizza and drinks as well.  Watch out for the Dads and Moms that bring their own bowling bag! 

Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony takes place in the fall (September or October) shortly after school begins and recruitment for the year is completed. This event is usually held at Plum Creek Park in Brunswick and hosts a large turnout, particularly new Guides and Princesses. The purpose of this gathering is to welcome all new members and recognize older members for their time spent in the program. This is also the ceremonial introduction of the new Longhouse Council, and it affords everyone a chance to meet the newly elected leaders. Part of the event consists of a bonfire and tokens of commitment handed out to all the members. Refreshments are served after the event. 

Easter Egg Hunt 

This is a family event held just prior to Easter and is a chance for all the Guides and Princesses to participate within one of five age groups. Plastic eggs are “hidden” within a designated area and, when found can be opened to find a treat or a slip of paper that can be redeemed for a prize.  There are refreshments for all after the hunt. This event usually takes place rain or shine. 


The hayride takes place in October and is a family event. Typically, the families are given a wagon ride out to a field where the children can search for just the “right” pumpkin to carve for Halloween. Apple Cider and cookies are their rewards for a successful pumpkin hunt. 


Participating in community parades is not only fun, but also an excellent time for the both dads and children to display pride in this program. Typically, all Guides and Princesses wear their vests, tribal t-shirts, headbands and any other tribal identification the tribe may have designed and produced. The parade route is generally walked (sometimes rides on a wagon are available) with other members and tribes of the same nation. Currently we participate in the Medina and Brunswick Fourth of July parades, The Brunswick Old Fashion Day parade and the Wadsworth Blue Tip Festival. 

Indian Olympics 

This is an event that is usually held indoors (February). The Indian Olympics consists of 10 to 12 various games and contests for both father and child. Together with the members of your tribe, you participate in games such as the crab walk, basketball and football toss, several different types of relay races. The top scoring tribes receive ribbons, and refreshments usually follow, or are served during the event. 

Pinewood Derby 

Once a year in the early spring, a weekend is marked on many calendars. To some people, this weekend is just as important as the Grand Prix or the Daytona 500. This is Pinewood Derby racing time for all Guides, Princesses and Dads. Everyone wishing to participate need only purchase a present year car kit and build the car. Assembling the car does not take mechanical ability or extraordinary craftsmanship. It only takes imagination and time. Each kit includes a block of wood to be used as the body, a set of 4 wheels, axles and instructions. The wood can be carved, cut or painted to the specifications of the child. Dad’s help is appreciated, but the child should do the design and some of the safe preparation of the car. The race is held on Saturday, with the proceeding Friday set aside for car preparation, weight adjustments and trial runs. The racetrack is about 30-feet long. The last race of the day is dedicated just to Dads. If Dad wants the opportunity to design and build your own car, pick up Dad’s car kit and race against other Dads in the Longhouse. This is an event that the whole family can watch. Usually, lunch and refreshments are served all day long and don’t forget there is an award for the best designed car!  

Boat Regatta 

Around the end of the school year, the annual Boat Regatta is held at Hinckley Dam. The hosting tribe sells a kit, which consists of a piece of wood and instructions. Participants use their imaginations to design a seaworthy (?) vessel. Entrants place their boats in the water at Hinckley Dam and wait their turn to race their boat down the river to the finish line. You can usually find a variety of designs and colors floating in the water on race day. This event is lots of fun, and the area around the race site is well suited for picnics and outdoor games. Some years, the host tribe provides hot dogs, etc. The entire family can attend, but the racing is just for Guides and Princesses. This event takes place rain or shine, come hail or high water! 

Bike Hike 

The Metro Parks offer a great way to get out, get a little exercise and learn about the area and nature. In past years this event has been held on the Towpath where the whole family can soak in the sun, and a little history. Brand new bikes have been donated and raffled away. And if you stop to read the historical markers along the route, you’ll be able to fill-in a crossword puzzle for prizes. After the bike hike, the host tribe grills hot dogs and hamburgers (each tribe brings chips, potato salad, etc. to share) and everyone cools down with a picnic lunch in the shade. Be sure to bring blanket to lay on for maximum cool-down (nap) efficiency.