As a father of boys and girls it can be hard to find an organization that can provide a one on one experience with your children. With the Medina Guides and princesses we strive to do just that. While organizing activities as an entire Longhouse or just indvidual tribes our goal is for fathers and their children to take away many memorable experiences. 


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TESTIMONIALS from Tribe Members

     One of the great things that makes joining the Medina Guides and Princesses so memorable is the experiences and variety of the camp*outs that I have got  to share with my kids that I may never have had the opportunity do by myself"  -Brunswick Dad

"Having a girl and a boy makes it hard to find an organizationdad riding bikes at camp-outs, sleeping on battleships, watching that both can truly enjoy and share great memories with me at the same time.  Medina Guides and Princesses offers us just that.  Having the opportunity to spend time with my kids as a g fireworks, playing carnival games, rafting, sledding, going to water parks, seeing safari animals and more are memories that will always share with them forever.  Having the one on one time with your kids is something that they will never forget, which is exactly how I got involved with the organization in the first place.  My wife was a princess as a child and had so many special stories that she remembers to this day of time spent with her dad. She told me how great the organization is and suggested how we should get involved with it. The rest is as they say history and I am thankful for every moment that I have shared with them in this organization since the day we joined"  - Thankful Medina Dad

"When I was a teenager, I remember hearing my uncle and cousin talking about all of the fun that they had while in the Indian Guides.  I had forgotten about the Guides until I heard that there was a group here in Medina.  Now it's my turn!  My kids and I have been involved in the Guides for the last 2 years and they have been a fantastic 2 years!  Not only have the kids and I had a great time together, but we have made new friends in the process.  My family and I have lived in Medina for 9 years now and we have met more people over the last 2 years then the previous 7 years.  We have participated in many of the Guide events and I think my kids favorite thing to do is go camping (which is something that we may not do otherwise because there mother is not a huge outdoors person).  As long as the kids love participating, I will happily participate with them!" - Grateful Medina Father

My daughter and I have been in the program for two years now. She can't wait until our next tribe meeting or camp-out. She especially likes doing the Pinewood Derby( 2 trophies so far) and the Boat regatta (3 trophies so far). She also likes doing the parades. We both enjoy the time we spend together during our meetings or camp-outs. I am so glad that Medina has a program like the Guides and Princesses. Running Deer & Wild Daisy  

My daughters and I joined the Guides 8 years ago, but the memories will last a life time.  We have met so many new friends and attended many events.  I wouldn't know where to start to tell you how much fun my daughters and I have had.  Just a treasure chest full of laughter and smiles and a lot of great memories......Thank you Guides!  Eagle Eye

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The goal of the Medina Guides and Princesses program is to recognize and support the father's vital family role as teacher, counselor, and friend to his child while affording the child an opportunity to spend quality, uninterrupted time with his or her father. It is this emphasis on parent and child bonding that makes our program both unique and valuable.

In the Medina Guides & Princesses program, children participate with their fathers in activities such as camping, canoeing, annual pinewood derbies & boat regattas, hiking, tobogganning, skating, bowling, and many other activities. Children remember the times they spend with their fathers in our program for many years to come.

Medina Longhouse is composed of tribe members (groups) who typically are from the Medina, Brunswick, or Wadsworth nation (area).  Dads and kids usually join a particular nation based off of commonalities such as where they live, age groups, girls and boys, and so forth.  They will be assigned to a tribe in the particular nation which ultimately makes Medina Longhouse. Both boys and girls of all ages are able to join.
The name Guides refer to the boys
The name Princesses refer to the girls
The Medina Guides and Princess Program allows Dads and Kids to have fun with other Dads and Kids.  Some of the neat things we do are:

-Sleepovers (Camping, so NO MESS AT HOME)
-Pinewood Derby
-Boat Regatta
-Swimming/skating/bowling parties
-Sleepover on a battleship
-Horseback riding
-Archery, BB guns, rock climbing, canoeing
-Kayaking, Go Karts, Miniature Golf
-Bonfires, Skits, Games, Prizes
-Kalahari, Cedar Point, State Parks, Clay's Park
-Maple Syrup festival, Train withSanta
-And Many, Many, MORE..............


It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.